Climbing practice for a Gran Fondo

I’m preparing for a spring Gran Fondo, about 1000 meters more than my previous max climbs last year (1500+ meter). Most of my training has been on the TR plans, with a few outdoor climbs mixed into the plan. What should my max outdoor practice climb be relative to the actual climb in my Gran Fondo (event in about 16 weeks)?

A broad rule of thumb is to do 75% of the climb and distance but don’t worry if the climb is unobtainable (it is for me and half the population of flatland UK) just ride fsster on the flat and develop the power and most of all enjoy your event :+1:


How about trying some of the climbs on an app like Rouvy? Plenty there over 1000m of varying gradients and HD video it keep you entertained! I think there are free trials.


thx, will check it out.

What distance is it? 150-170km? Is it total of climbing around 1500-2500m? have a lots of granfondo experience. And for these kind of rides it is not that important to have to train on climbs (but it is always better of course). Mostly those climbs in the race are between 5-10-15min? So it is better to train to sustain those type of efforts. Certainly in the beginning where the packs are created. This is not pure climbing.

So get the endurance in your legs and in your interval training incorporate those climbing efforts in.

Unless you mean that the granfondo has long climbs of 1500m difference in them. Then it is another ball-park. Sweetspot is your friend.