Clicking sound through cranks, I think

Been in the new bike for two weeks now and have noticed a clicking sound while pedaling. It’s only when I pedal and feels like it could be left sided but can narrow it down. I took it back to the shop and they couldn’t get it to replicate on the stand but tightened everything up anyway. I had a ride around the car park and it seemed to be gone. Yesterday on a long ride it was back for the entire time.

I don’t want to do any damage to frame it groupset but if it’s all tight and I cant pinpoint exactly where it’s coming from I am not sure what to do next. Any one have an issue like that before

Loose crank is usually it, if not that it’s the bottom bracket.

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If mechanical shifting check that the FD wire is not contacting the crank as it comes by…click click click sound.

Not uncommon for noises to come from the seat post - not joking


It can be maddening to identify a click or a creak, but a few less-obvious culprits to check may be the rear skewer/thru-axle, seat rails/seat clamp and the seat post/binder area. I recently had a similar issue on a new bike that I believed may have been the crank and addressing all of those (re-greasing the rear thru axle, tightening the seat clamp on the saddle rails, and cleaning and tightening the seat post binder) solved it. Unfortunately I did all of the foregoing at once, so I can’t narrow it down more specifically, but I wish you luck!


I also cleaned and re-greased the pedal threads.

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Seconded. What sounds like it’s coming from the crank or BB can misleadingly come from elsewhere. Mine was the actual saddle - it seemed to be the left crank when putting down power, but after much trial and error it turned out to be the extra force that put on the saddle itself, causing it to creak. New saddle, problem solved.


Does it depend on the gear you’re in? Had something where a badly adjusted front derailleur made the cage contact the crank arm, but only when fairly far down the cassette.

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I’ve also had it come from pedal threads on several occasions.

I will be checking these all this afternoon after Father’s day lunch

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Try the headset! I’ve had the most annoying knock when pedaling that I was convinced was from the bb. Mechanic eventually found an issue with the headset.

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Thanks for all the replies. Think I will just go through the whole bike and double check everything again. Hopefully I can stop it. Once you hear it you can’t unhear it for the entire ride

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Make the noise happen when standing up, this eliminates the saddle. Then make the noise happen hands off the bars (or just barely touching) - eliminates the headset/bars. You’re then left with the pedals/shoes, crank set and BB. If you have a pair of completely unrelated pedals and shoes, swap those in, and you’ve eliminated most of the causes. Assuming it’s not the classical front derailleur cable end, of course.

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Peculiar creaking-sound sources I identified over the years which I thought was the crank:

  • Seat post (not a surprise)
  • Bent rear skewer
  • Improperly seated crown race
  • Improperly seated headset compression ring
  • Loose headset in general
  • Di2 batter flopping (not using shims in seat properly)
  • Worn out bearings in hub
  • Axial play in the rear axle

I recently had a issue where the joint between the carbon and metal on the crank arm failed. It was really small at first so it was impossible to figure out. After a few more rides, some “play” developed at the joint and I could wiggle the crank side to side. No amount of bolt tightening made a difference. I don’t expect this to be your issue but add it to the list of possibilities!

Definitely not the FD cable. Checked that last night and it’s right out of contact with anything else that moves. Going to work my way through the list

I had this year’s ago, but it was because I bent the axle on a square taper bottom bracket and the chain was twisting!

Probably not your issue but I was mega proud of that!!

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I had the following clicking noises which I thought at the time might be crank or BB. Worth checking.

  • Chainring bolts loosening
  • Pedals needing a regrease (notorious on crank brothers egg beaters)
  • rear wheel bearings
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Had a trainer session last night and it was as loud as ever. Still couldn’t pinpoint it. Might film as I pedal and see if anyone can help narrow it down. Everything seems tight and as it should be. Just don’t want to be doing any damage

have you already check the thread of pedals (if Look check also that axle is correctly threaded) and the chainrings bolts?
put grease on all threads