Clicking sound through cranks, I think

What grease do you use for the threads?

Just make sure you check the cable in the small ring. Mine clears everything in the big ring but in the small clips on my shoes.

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disulfide molybdenum or green butter

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99% I bet chain ring bolts. Check 'em if you haven’t.

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Pedal bearings may need new grease

I have time tonight so I am going for a decent ride and then I will narrow it right down to stop this noise
This is a brand new frame that had all my running gear and seat and wheels etc fitted from my old frame. The pedals might not have been removed from the cranks when switched over and the chain ring bolts not touched either. I am guessing that I would need a very specific tool to adjust the BB if that was not done correctly. The bike shop that did the job is 1hr away so I want to avoid going there unless I really have to (I was sent there as part of the insurance claim)

Been a while since I posted about this problem. I only resized that today after a ride that the noise has stopped. No more clicking, I am very happy with the silence but a bit also cautious as to why.

Very strange

Had this recently and for me it was s loose bolt that held the 2 chain rings together