Cinch power meter

Quick install question. To torque the non-drive side did you have to get a socket attachment for your torque wrench? I it looks like that is the only way to get it to interface with the spines on the non-drive side crank bolt.

I think it’s just a 15mm Allen? TBH I just use a regular wrench: bad advice but true.

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Thanks! Yeah I got a 28mm socket for my torque wrench that fits the adapter tool. Still tough for me to get enough leverage to get it torqued properly… I have noodle arms and poor technique.

Are the threads not reaching far enough into the recess around the charging port? I would think that would be an issue if the crank wasn’t tight enough on the spindle.

Did you take pictures of it? I have 3 of these power meters and I’ve never run into this problem. I’m assuming you have something in the wrong order etc.

Matt. Take the crank out of the bike and clamp the arm in a bike stand. You can then use it to steady yourself to torque it correctly. I have a bench mounted one specifically for stuff like this and doing suspension work, although admittedly I do a lot of work on my own bikes. Don’t really have to do it very often but I have 6 bikes with this style of crank on it so I’ve done it a ton.

Don’t return something that you stripped out.

Hi thanks for the advice! I was able to get it torqued with the the crank in the frame but in the future will try it by using the stand as the vice. I have a feedback sports stand with a quick release clamp. I’ve tried using it as a vice before but wasn’t that I should be. Based on feedback from my teammates that have this power meter it seems the biggest complaint is install and battery life. Once it’s on the bike though it’s pretty much no fuss and has worked great for me.

Yeah that’s all I did was lay down the entire bike flat on the floor, carefully put one foot on the bike frame, and used a large automotive torque wrench to torque the cranks.

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Mine dropped out mid-ride yesterday and then wouldn’t charge. I think the battery was fairly charged at the time. Ive only put maybe 5 rides on it and had some connectivity problems two other times. Anyone else have similar issues?

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Did you contact support yet? Sounds like anyone that’s had issues has had them resolved by support.

I’m up to 400 miles on mine. No problems

Just happened yesterday on a business holiday so will have to wait

I have issues with battery drainage. I need to charge it the night before every weekend ride. However if the ride was just a couple of days prior, no problem. Tried every firmware update option but still the same issue. Any suggestions?

Try contacting raceface

I have this issue too, they will want you to send it in for a battery replacement. I have not done this yet since I am lazy but for a lot of my teammates this is a known issue with this power meter.

I guess they know the issue and its a hardware thing. I’m with Matt on this. Not easy to remove the spindle and not keen on the downtime without a PM. The fact I’m in Malaysia with courier charges not helping. I guess I can live with charging before every ride for now…

Also did you download the Team Zwatt app and update it using their firmware? I found that after updating that as the latest version it went from needing to charge after about 3 days of riding to getting about a full week.

My hunch still is that the battery either isn’t going to “sleep” and just draining out or that it is just a small battery that loses charge life quickly.

I have headache after headache with Cinch Power Meters. Tried running on my Scott Spark SCSL. It would work for a month or so and then cut out and stop working. Or I would charge and try to calibrate and the power readings would be way off. Their customer service has been incredibly slow especially during COVID. I am still waiting on a power meter warranty that I sent them the beginning of June. I am moving exclusively to Power2Max Power NG meter on all my mountain bikes moving forward. I have the Power NG on my fat bike and RC WC. They are reliable and consistent.

I havent actually. I have only used the Cinch Power Meter app, never the Zwatt. Will do that tonight tho. Thanks for tip.

I have three. 2 have been problem free. As you can imagine the MTB version crapped out once. After a lengthy conversation, RF replaced the spindle. It has been trouble free since then. I’d still recommend them.

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