Chronic pain diet

I believe any discussion about chronic pain and inflammation should include diet. Foods and supplements that reduce inflammation can go a long way to reduce chronic pain. Conversely avoiding foods that contribute to the inflammatory process in the body worsen or maybe even cause chronic pain. Here are some of the dietary tips I’ve learned and I welcome all to add to the list.
Fresh fruits and vegetables should be included, however I’ve read it’s best to avoid nightshades potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant and peppers because they contain solamine which contributes to inflammation.
Honey, apple cider vinegar, turmeric, cinnamon should all be included in an anti inflammatory diet.
All processed and deli meats should be avoided. Fried foods, bacon should be avoided. Fatty fish like salmon & mackerel should be included. Walnuts and almonds should be included. Avoid refined sugar.

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This is not spam this is my personal opinion

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Sorry I will not step away from the ocassional bacon sandwich with brown (HP) sauce.

:thinking: Seriously though is there science to back this up or is this just your n=1.

If it’s only your n=1 experience then others adding will not necessarily help anyone as they may have a different experience.

Sorry I was angered with the bacon reference. :joy:

And what is an anti inflammatory diet and why would I want/need it…

Can I ask how old you are? When I was in my 20s 30’s 40’s 50’s even early 60’s I ate anything I wanted. I never had a weight problem or chronic pain. Now at 67 I’m having chronic pain. BTW I dont think the occasional bacon sandwich will cause chronic pain. I’m just suggesting certain foods that reduce inflammation and to avoid those foods that contribute to inflammation. I welcome all those who have suggestions.

If you’re having chronic pain related to eating you need to get that checked out by a health care professional. If you have an issue in that region there’s better chances of recovery if it’s caught earlier.

If you’re having chronic pain it’s not caused by diet (unless you have a disorder) you need to optimize your diet and eat those foods that reduce inflammation and avoid those that increase inflammation. I never had chronic pain till I hit my mid 60’s.