Cheating myself by standing?

So I’m in week 5 of my first build block on TR. it has been tough! No denying that! Today I had monadnock +4. Anaerobic is usually a strength of mine but I struggled this AM with only getting 5 hrs of sleep last night. I also cut the workout short, but only because I had to pull the plug and get ready for work today.

My question is, in the last three intervals I just didn’t have the extra energy/strength to push through keeping my cadence high and staying seated, so I put my hands in the drops and finished the last 30-60 seconds standing and pushing through it. Am I not getting the proper benefit by doing this? I would just like to know for future similar intervals.

There was a drop in power in the first interval, but that was due to the fact that my trainer lost connection with my tr app. First time this has ever happened.

as long as you’re hitting power targets, whatever it takes. A useful thing to note is in a race scenario if you’re pushing deep and feel like it’s all over, now you know you got another 30+ seconds in the reserves if you grip it and rip it!

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It’s fine.

Finishing an interval is almost always better than not.

The only catch is that you don’t want to turn it into a mental habit/crutch. As your fitness improves, you may eventually find yourself wanting to stand for the last 30 seconds even when you don’t need to. That’s happened to me in the past, and what I did is I made a conscious effort to stay seated for last interval, just to prove to myself that I could do it, without any risk of blowing up and failing subsequent intervals. That evolved into fewer and fewer standing intervals.


Thanks for the replies. I understand not wanting to make this a habit, Something I’ve already told myself I won’t do.