Cheap sram axs 12s flat top compatible cassette for trainer?

Does anyone know a cheap sram axs 12s flat top compatible cassette for trainer?


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If you’re stuck on a HG freehub, I’ve been using the ZTTO 12 speed cassettes and they work great.

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Just looked at ZTTO 12 speed cassette and it only appears to be compatible with a normal chain.

Is there a specific ZTTO HG freehub cassette that is compatible with SRAM flattop road chain?

Rival cassettes are only around 25 euros cheaper than force cassettes and very hard to get

there was another thread on the forum that talked about it (can’t remember which one) where someone suggested just keeping the shimano 11sp one if you’re just using ERG mode.

i tested this and realized that i preferred it as it was quieter and as i wasn’t shifting the cassette, it didn’t really matter regarding what cassette was on the back (and allowed me to save getting a new freehub)

That’s not true though. SRAM made the flattop chain with oversized rollers. These will not properly seat into the teeth of an 11 or even 12 speed MTB cassette, because they are designed around the same chain roller size as all other drivetrains for decades.

The new flattop chain and cassette are different by design and should not be mixed with other drivetrain components. It may work in the sense it doesn’t explode, but it’s not proper use of the parts.