Cheap MTB wheel

I’m in need of a cheap rear wheel for my Trek Fuel EX. I’m not looking to spend much as this is a secondary bike and may get replaced in the next year or so. I do need something as I will probably keep the bike as a rail trail cruiser for my partner. I blew out the hub and it’s a decently old wheel (bike is a 2016) so replacement is probably the best option. I am open to other ideas however.
My requirements:

  1. xD driver
  2. 30mm ID, 29"
  3. Boost spacing
  4. cheap


Buy used. Should be able to find something.


Anyone else with ideas?

Used /Takeoff OEM wheels ( buy/sell section) or order from Trek dealer. Those usually have a limited life though. Amazon noname carbon wheelsets.

Get the right disc type too 6bolt or Centerlock. it’ll save you buying a set of discs. Shipping wheels is also expensive, so keep that in mind.

Craigslist national search

If she’s just going to cruise, maybe just get an 11sp Shimano wheelset and put any cassette you’ve got laying around on it. Is the bike too big for her by chance? Maybe go 27.5 wheels if they come with tires.