TT Triathlon clip-on bars for "aero" style bars (cervelo AB04)

Hello, I have a Cervelo S3 and became aware of the Cervelo AB04 bars that came stock on an S5 a few years ago I believe. I really like the look (i.e. flat top section) and wanted to find a pair (which I have).
My concerns now are:

  • how to mount a light to these types of bars (seems like there are some options)
  • how to mount my wahoo bolt (I found this solution
  • can I find TT Triathlon bars to clip on to these bars at that will be something I would like to do on occassion?

Does anyone know or can direct me where to search and inquire to if I can find a set of TT Triathlon bars that will clip on to the cervelo AB04 handlebars?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.

Did you have any luck with the clip ons that will fit the AB04 bar?

@Benza, no, so I never bought the AB04, I am still looking for an aero style handlebar that can also accept clip on triathlon bars. I don’t care about weight really or being carbon and would like to price of them both just being aluminum I think. I am not in a position to worry about marginal gains. I need to focus on good training and then the aesthetics if it’s not too expensive :slight_smile:

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if you want to mount a light I’d use a zipties, thats what I use on my bikes with aero shaped bars, for the tt bars, I 3d printed some, I can link the file if your intersted. the tt bars just zip tie onto your stem but are strong enough that they dont break if you print them at a 45%infil

the 3d printed bars work great, you shoul try them, you put them under your stem, but they have a part that hangs over the front of your bars, its hard to explain, but they work like regular tt bars

Can you share the link please? google just gives me articles about wiggins 3d printed bars :upside_down_face:

Enve makes aero bars and clip on extensions made specifically for their aero bars. I have them. They are awesome. Buy them.

Clip ons:

@vanbc I put the selcof drop aerobar & triathlon aerobar extension kit on my gravel bike. There’s a thread around here somewhere…

Anyhow, I liked it so I also put it on my road bike. Now instead of taking my time trial bike to stage races that have an ITT I just take the road bike & put the aerobar extension on for the time trial then take them off for remaining stages. The major drawback is that Selcof doesn’t make their aero stem anymore so there is kind of an aesthetically offensive gap in the aerobars for my non aero stem.

So, one thing you might consider.