Chasing Rabbits

Anyone else operating a catch and release program in lieu of a training plan?

Can you explain what that is? Not familiar with that

Out riding; someone passes you. Let them get up the road then chase them down. Rinse and repeat

That’s called being irritating to a random stranger. Don’t rope random people into your games.


Why so serious? How would they even know since I am not passing them? I am not even getting into their draft zone for social distancing reasons. Think of it as a signpost sprint only with a moving sign post!

At least I am not like the gent who keeps riding me down passes me then dumps his speed right in front of me. So my choice is be an arse and immediately over take him or drop watts and get out of his draft. So how would you play that one?

Sorry to say but I do it from time to time on my favorite workout route. Not intentionally, just intervals’ timing can leave such impression. Sometimes I even prolong interval to prevent slowing down too near in front of them. Same time I don’t mind if somebody suddenly speeds up in front of me.


In fairness that’s how this started today. I just thought it was intervals and cheerily passed him with a wave the first time. A few hundred meters down the road he did it again. The third time I stoped. Let him go had a bite to eat and got back on my way. When I saw I was closing him down 10 minutes later I didn’t fancy starting this again. So I put it into the red and started this game to avoid going past him. I went z1 as soon as I got within a few car lengths of him.

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I hate those kinds of riders. It was fun messing with them back in my racing days when I was in my twenties and super fit. Let them pass you and then let them dangle off the front killing themselves while you are cruising along in Z2. Then at some point put the hammer down and get rid of them.

I did learn at some point to do your own ride - stick with your own plan. Don’t be tempted to do a 10 minute threshold interval you didn’t plan on because of some wanker out on the road.

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I had that situation today. I was doing Mount Goode outside today and was passed during a rest section. I then caught the rider in front during the hard effort. I did feel they probably thought I was being a bit of a pain.

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I have no idea if we were on some weird interval resonance or what. I doubt he was being an arse. Most people aren’t like that. It was just messing up my ride. So I took care of that. No harm no foul.