Changing training volume within Plan Builder and Adaptive Training

I just completed my last race of the season and looking ahead to 2022.

This year I found TR without enough time to have 24 weeks to train before my event, and looking to change that next year.

Right now, TR is suggesting low volume to begin with. If I have time or energy, can I bump up a level without starting over completely? Meaning, will the system recognize I’m on week X, and put me in week X of the new volume as well?

Secondly, if I am slow now, but working to get faster/stronger, what do I put for my time goal on an A race? My speed ability now, or what I am hoping to reach? I don’t see that it allows for a distance goal as well…

Thanks everyone!

Back date a new plan to start at the same time as your current one and it will then coincide with the plan you’re already on.

I don’t think it will make much difference but I would put the time I would be aiming for.


Yes, stick a dummy event in the calendar and it’ll start the re calculation process and that’ll ask you what volume. Simply delete the dummy event. at some point. There’s probably other ways to recalculate the plan but thats the way I do it.

Don’t worry about it, its only a predicted time to predict TSS.