Changing my current plan to lose weight

Depends on your goals and how much weight you have to lose, right?

1000 kcal/day is certainly doable, especially if you have a lot of weight to lose. But it’s hard, it sucks, and you would have to engineer your workouts around this. I think SSB 2 would be really rough on that big a deficit. Maybe SSB 1 low volume, adding aerobic rides as you can, or traditional base. I did about that big a deficit, with IF and a lot of Z2 biking, for about half a year. Had to stop eventually, but I stopped about 25 kg lighter.


I know you’re talking about calorie deficits, but I misbehaved a bit too much during the weight training phase and to try to get back to base have added in some extra rides to the TR calendar that I do fasted when I wake up each morning and it seems to be helping without notably affecting the “real” ride later that day. I added a 30-45 min fasted morning ride to Tue & Sun (Taku, W Vidette, Volunteer, etc) and do the Wed ride fasted as well. So far I’ve still been able to do the base plans as scheduled without more struggle than expected.

If you lose 1 kg per week, in 8 months your doctor will be begging you to eat more.

Losing more than 2.25kg per week can kill your gall bladder.