Change the info text on a pushed WO to Garmin, from W to RPE

Hi !
I ride some outdoor WO with help of RPE cause i got no powermeter.
I wonder if anyone know if you can change the target from Watt to RPE on for example your garmindevice. So when you choose to see the effort with RPE in TR before you push it to garmin,the RPE target will be shown instead of what power you should do.
If not on your headscreen,but atleast when you drag up to see notifications in the WO.


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No, there is no way to get the RPE onto the head units. I may be able to find it in search, but this was requested and explained as not possible, based on limits in the head unit (IIRC).

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Ok. Thanks for replying, just have to remember the numbers then.

Have a good one


is this still not possible? My Forerunner shows only Watt not rpe.

We still push only wattage to head units at the moment @ANITA.

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