Challenge for the TR community: training with .crs files

Hello all,
We’re trying to test our athletes via Trainer Road but we’re having difficulties given the format of the files that we have to use. We want the training to be based on distance, not FTP/Wattage or duration. The idea is that an athlete who has a greater output than another would be able to complete the distance faster. In order to do that, we need to use .crs files (as opposed to .mrc or .erg). Sadly, Trainer Road doesn’t support those.

My question for the community: what can I do to circumvent that problem? I thought about using PerfPro, but it requires a PC and most people have Macs (virtual machines are tricky to operate). I’m running out of options and I’d really like to find an answer to this problem!

Is there a way to solve this predicament? If not via Trainer Road, would you be kind enough to recommend a solution outside of the realm of this software? It’d be awesome of you! Thanks!

Are you intending to compare riders against different riders, or against their own efforts?