Maintenance Advice - Chain Skip

Looking for some advice on what to check next. I have a Shimano Di Ultegra 8050 11 speed drive train and have a very annoying chain skip going on, but only when I’m in the 5th cog in back, and only when pedaling under load. Skip happens when using either chain ring in front. On the maintenance stand, there’s no skip unless I start to apply a little brake and power increases. Shifting is normal, and there’s no skip when in any of the other cogs.

I’ve swapped wheels (different cassette). Same skip on just the one cog.

I’ve installed a new chain. Same skip

I’ve swapped rear deraileurs. Same skip.

I’ve installed a new deraileur hanger. Same skip.

I swapped chain rings in front, which required resetting front limits. Same skip. Not sure what else to try. Any suggestions?

New cassette? It’s possible that the cassette on the replacement wheel is also worn if it’s a frequently used cog (and wheel).


I haven’t switched to DI2 yet

but I have seen several times people posting a website that points to an expert in all things DI2 shifting - I will search for it but you might find it in similar threads

Edit - adding link - I think this is it @gshotts

Tried different B screw settings?
B-Gap: What It Is & The Specs For Every Derailleur | The Pro’s Closet (

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How often does it skip? Once per crank rotation, once per cassette rotation, once per chain rotation, random? My best shot in the dark would be the master link.

I’d try a new cassette. I know you have tried another cassette on another wheel, but what you are describing frequently happens when you change chain on a worn drivetrain: the chain starts skipping on the worn out components.

Just a question: do you use erg mode on your trainer? And if so, are you typically in your 5th cog? If so, that’d explain why you are seeing wear on that particular cog.

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I don’t use this bike on the trainer. I live in a very flat area and have a compact in front, so I’m rarely on the big part of the cassette, which is only about 2-months old. I’ll check the quick-link tomorrow. I’m fairly certain that the B-screw adjustment is good, but I’ll double-check it too.

Hmmm, weird. 2 months of wear should not cause any issues like that, especially if you use the cassette outdoors, i. e. you change gears and aren’t just using one ratio.

I recently had a chain skip on one specific gear, and it turned out to be the masterlink.

Assume you’ve tried indexing it?

Tried a new masterlink. No difference.

I have re-indexed several times.

Make sure your cassette is torqued to spec? I had clunking (though not skipping) in middle gears on a shimano cassette recently when it wasn’t tightened down quite enough

I had this happen 2 times.

  1. Too much b-tension. The top pulley needs to wrap the cassette more. Could also be chain length. Chain will skip under mild power.
  2. Accidentally installed quick link in upside down on a SRAM 12sp (bean shaped). Chain will skip under high power

On Shimano, could be chained installed with words on inside, writing needs to face outside.

Could also be a cassette thats loose - is this an 11-34 cassette?
Bent or poorly finished cog tooth. Chain will skip in the same place on the cassette every time.

A long shot but worth eliminating is whether your derailleur is slightly bent.

I had something not too dissimilar a few years ago (different cog but similar symptoms) and it was a bent cage that was causing misalignment around the bottom third of the cassette - was OK up the bigger cogs and fairly ok down the very bottom.

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