Chain Waxing Tutorial

How long are they staying silent, in a matter of time or miles?

I have used one chain for 350 km over 7 or so rides and it is still good. There is a buttery smooth period at the begin that you might quickly loose, but after that there is just a nice smooth sound, nothing like dry metal squeaking.

I have now switched to a second shorter chain as I switched cassettes and currently it is on for 150 km.

Silca Super Secret works well as long as it goes on a clean chain. It’s a paraffin wax but has a carrier that needs to evaporate unlike a hot wax which is ready immediately. You can use it solo or to top up a hot wax chain. It just needs time to dry and let the carrier evaporate. I use it when traveling.

It cleans up great with hot water just like hot wax when it is time to reapply.

Also a tip is not too run it for too long and invest in 2 or 3 chains depending on the miles you do ( this way you can grab a chain mid week and wax all of them in the weekend ). I change them every 150km the wear on your chain and chainring is minimal this way and drives down your Total cost of your drivetrain.

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I have three chains that I will be rotating, have not decided on how often to rewax, so far I have 350 km out of one chain and 120 km from the current one. I mostly go out in dry weather, sometimes the ground is wet and muddy. Yesterday’s 60 km ride was all paved surface, but went through some sand patches near the dunes and also had some mud in the woods. I had to clean the mud and sand of the frame afterwards, but the drivetrain looked like this after the ride without any cleaning:

I do the same, never seem to log more then 150 miles per wax.

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150mi seems really really short, hardly seems worth the trouble of waxing then, cause I get close to that with RRG. The stuff I was reading had me under the impression that wax could go for hundreds of miles (depending on conditions of course)

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My current MSWaxed chain has seen over 250 dry outdoor miles and is still running beautifully, I have almost reached the point to where I am going to give it a re-wax just for the sake of it.

It Is short and you can go longer but the time it takes to just take off your chain put it in the hot wax and take it out is just really short ( the only thing that takes long is melting the hot wax ) have 2 or three chains so you can ride a whole week and wax them on a sunday . I don’t pre clean apart from wiping with a cloth before waxing so it is really not labour intensive in my opinion( and saves a lot of money , i used to do about 3000km on a chain now i do at least 10000 km)

I don’t understand how people get so few miles out of a chain (I see people mention 3000-5000km before they switched to wax). I’m not light, decent FTP, and my last DA chain went 8500km before barely getting to .5% wear. That’s doing my RRG once a week routine and not rotating chains.

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i guess i was using to much abrasive chain cleaner :see_no_evil:

yeah I dont understand why im seeing such short life, when it starts to get loud I will rotate it out. I have 4 chains I wax at a time and 2 bikes. I noticed my 1x set up seems to get louder faster also. Im 210lbs but dont really mash the gears, and everything is di2

I also seem to always do my 4 chains on my rest week. So it works, if the worst thing in my life is taking off a chain every other week, I am going to be ok. And its a great chance to clean the bike.

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Looking at the testing for MSW for example they are getting some crazy long intervals from what I can tell.

Speaking of which, for Molten Speed Wax vs Silca in a bag, anyone have a preference? ZFC only has a review on MSW which seems to be getting matched by the liquid Super Secret, so wondering if the wax bag of Super Secret would be even better

Re waxed my chain yesterday after covering approx 300 dry outdoor miles, the chain was still running smooth and quiet but I re waxed anyway.

To prep the chain before re wax I wiped the chain down with a clean rag, minimal black dirt was left behind, I decided to then put the chain in the oven for 15 mins to melt the remaining wax and gave the chain a good wipe again which removed a bit more black dirt.

Re waxed and away I go again, cant see me ever going back to oil lube on my dry weather bike.

looking to bite the bullet and invest in the system. I only need to get the molten speed wax, mineral spirit, new chain and a croc pot. Have all the other kit including ultrasonic cleaner. Thinking of using the MSW for the first time to baseline before moving to making my own mix.
Wanted to ask how long the treatment can last riding on wet and nasty UK roads?
Also, is there any post wet-road-ride care needed or do i just get in, rack bike and go about my day?

Apologies if covered above but didn’t catch accurately when skimming through the forum post.
Thanks in advance

4 chains for 2 bikes

Ready for next training block

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I cleaned and waxed the kids bike chains over the weekend, should stop them getting oil on themselves, the amount they use their bikes I should only have to re wax once per year if that.


I’m doing the same thing and had the same thoughts about UK conditions. I’ve got the Silca in a bag and Silca secret sauce lube as a top up. I think I read that you can use the lube to top up between waxes to reduce the number of proper waxes you do. Made sense to me. But yes, how to take care after a typically spring like ride in the UK (even summer when it rains…).

I did see this article which covered the issue of wax in wet climates. However, I do tend to think that UK spring/summer should be fine as when its proper wet I’ll likely be on the turbo anyway. UK winter and I’ll use standard wet lube, and a different bike. Thoughts?

I’m doing the Silca Super Secret jar treatment but have some questions on prep to make sure I’m doing this right. It’s a 600mi Dura Ace chain maybe 150 outdoor miles the rest trainer. Originally run for about 7 hours on factory lube then topped off with rock n roll gold every 7 hours

Chain pre-clean, I dry wipe after every indoor and outdoor ride always to get anything that came out of the rollers, off, so it stays fairly decent

Got the chain off after my ride today, only two rounds of Turps did the trick, third one after shaking vigorously was clear. One round in denatured alcohol had the fluid totally clear as well. Chain is air drying now after being wiped down, should I give it one more bath in the alcohol?

Rode in some rain yesterday and when I looked at my chain this morning had some light rust on it. It was getting due for a re wax.

Anything special I need to do before waxing again?