Chain clunking on trainer

So I have Campagnolo Athena 11 speed chained to a trainer with 11 speed 105.

For those afraid of Campagnolo this should not be an issue at 11 speed.

In the sixth cog it’s fine, middle, so Erg mode is great and I work out fine through winter.

Upper and lower limiters are set appropriately, derailleur aligns okay to top middle and bottom cogs but away from the middle it clunks…

On the race wheel, it doesn’t.

I’ve analysed it and can see that as the chain leaves the largest cog and returns to the chainring it slips into place and clunks every few seconds, quite clearly. Can’t see it on the smallest but assume the same thing is happening.

Can I fix it?

No, the only fix is to fit a 11sp Campgnolo cassette to your trainer, because their 11sp sprocket spacing is ever so slightly different to Shimano and SRAM

could be a bad link in the chain. Mine did that and I swapped out the chain and we are good to go

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I run a similar set up (Campag Chorous 11sp on a 105 trainer cassette) the clunk only comes for me under resistance and a certain cadence; its pretty regular when it starts though. I had thought it was the cleats but its interesting it could be something else :-/

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This isn’t the case:

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It’s consistent, like every second at a slow regular cadence.

Chain could be stretched I suppose…though I’d expect to see it on the real wheel too.

Unless the cassette on the wheel has worn with the chain…

11speed cassettes are interchangeble so I’d start looking at wear on the chain or on the cassette.

Also make sure your cassette is on properly, tightened, spacers are good, etc.

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You should be able to see how it slips into place here, or appears to:

Could it be a missing spacer between cassette and frame?