Chad Book Recommendations

Hey @chad

Any chance you could put out an updated book recommendation list? I just finished The Sports Gene and am looking for a new book to read. Or maybe even an ongoing list of books!

If you haven’t seen it yet, here is a compilation I have been building.


@mcneese.chad Thanks , must of missed that!


If anyone wants even more reading material, here’s a list of what I keep on the shelves in my office.


Book readers out there. A fiction recommendation for some balance to the dry stuff. I really enjoyed Lionel Shrivers latest book which fully explores issues around our current obsession with fitness & endurance sports (ironman specifically). She also throws in some stuff around cultural appropriation. I can’t remember when I laughed as much from a book…some of it is pretty close the bone mind.

I recommend reading Alberts’s book on human biochemistry in order to understand all the processes in the human body. I recommend reading a good novel about fear motivation. A person who has a fear of not reaching the goal should be doubly motivated. The main idea is human to fear driven by your body and mind.

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