Cervelo Rouvida eBike

New Cervelo Rouvida


LOL…I love how Bike Radar focused on the flip chip, as if that was a main selling point of an e-bike.


They always talk up flip chips in their reviews but at the same time have acknowledged in their podcasts that vast majority of people will set it one way and never change it.

The bike itself looks really clean. I’d think there is a really small addressable market for this specific type of bike though.

Yeah, I suspect it becomes a 1-bike setup for most people. In this case (and maybe others) I see this more as a manufacturing choice that gives them the option to sell two bikes that use the same tooling. This invariably saves a TON of $$$ while giving them more ways to get to the desired ROI.

Oh sure…there is value in mentioning the feature…but to lead with it in a headline about a new e-bike from Cervelo is just missing the plot entirely.

The lede from the story is just simply “Cervelo enters the e-bike market with a performance oriented bike”.


When changing inserts, there is also a firmware update that needs to take place, and this service must be performed by your local Cervélo retailer.

:confused: Wonder what that means and if its significant. Seems silly to make changing inserts more of a hassle

Hopefully that’s a dramatic misrepresentation of changing a software setting otherwise that’s crazy.

Reading that… I am even more convinced this was a cost cutting measure from them vs a “feature” for customers to make swaps between use a justification for a spendy buy. The only way a swap and FW change makes sense is if they empower users to do it via a mobile app. Otherwise this sounds super lame without more info on their reasoning

  • Hey car drivers, make sure to bring your car to the dealer each time you swap from winter to summer tires and back… :confused:

I hope a real journalist (James or Dave at Escape) ask about this oddity. I really want to know what they see as necessary to be unique in FW between the geo and/or related tire size change for power assist.


Wow yeah, that seems likely.

I have a gravel-adjacent “all-road” bike with 2 wheel sets that I typically swap between 28c road tires and 38c gravel tires, both 700c. The entire point of that for me is that I can do the swap in 1-2 minutes tops and be on my way. I’m sure the geo is not perfectly optimized for one use case, but the whole appeal to me is the flexibility.

A flip chip is already way more work than I want to fuss with in my personal use case, let alone a flip chip + a firmware update. I don’t get a ton of time to ride between work and family demands so every minute additional friction of gear prep before getting out on the road is just another opportunity for some minor crisis to emerge that subverts my ride.

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Does anyone know the likely range of this machine? And/or if there is a range extender battery availalbe for it?

Yeah if you have to go to a dealer every time you want to take a gravel ride (or vice versa) that is a total non-starter

Regarding the flip chip, it requires re-adjusting the brakes (there’s actually an adapter that you change for the brake caliper), so it’s at least a 20-minute job. As someone that bought an Aspero with the flip chip system, no it’s not something I am doing anymore after initial experimentation.

But it still adds value to me and I’m glad I have it. The main benefit to me is to learn what geo I prefer. If I bought a bike without a flip chip I have a higher risk of buyer’s remorse on a very expensive purchase. Now that I have chosen my preferred geo I am more confident for future bike purchases.

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Regarding the firmware change for road vs gravel, it’s completely absurd to say that it’s required, but not explain why and require a trip to the dealer (and presumably a cost) to do each time.

What’s going to happen when you ride on pavement in the middle of your gravel ride? Or if it related to the flip chip position, which just tilts the frame forward or backwards, what happens when you go up or down hills?

It seems like it’s really just a matter of fully optimizing for high vs low traction, but low traction can happen on the road too. Ever hear of rain?

If somehow it’s really needed or significantly beneficial, they should have made it a physical button to push, considering it’s a $13,000 bike in top trim.

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