Cervelo Aspero 5 Stiffness

I bought the Redshift because it can be turned upside down to provide lift, where the eesilk can’t. I needed the slight lift that it provided.

Use it on my ‘standard’ Aspero, and it’s pretty a pretty darn stiff frame. Fell in love with the deep burgundy color.

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I’ve the regular Aspero and, as stock, the compliance on it is significantly stiffer than my Evo. I swapped the seat post out for a Roval Terra which helped. I’m eyeing up a CraneCreek Silk stem as well, we get a lot of washboard gravel here and I think that will be a good addition.

The bike is perfect for me, if I was bike packing on multi-day adventures I’d probably have gone for something a bit smoother. Cervelo’s marketing is pretty much spot on with the bike, it’s built for pace!

I have the eeSilk stem on my Headlands II. It’s fantastic. I think you’ll like it a lot.

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