Cervelo aerobottle 500- any experience?

Looking for a downtube aero bottle for TT use on 2013 madone (wide downtube that is well-suited to aero bottle) to replace standard round bottle.

The Elite Crono seems to be the consensus best option of a lot of not great bottles, with the biggest issue being random splashing out of it when full, and some complaints about it ejecting if not squeezed to backfill air after drinking.

Seems cervelo has a bottle they now sell as universal mount that looks promising and I would hope maybe reflects some learning from problems with others, but I can’t find any reviews of it, esp vs the elite. Anyone used this? Sounds like it’s standard equipment on many of their recent bikes.


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I have seen one in the flesh on a Cervélo P5 this week and it looks very neat. Tomorrow I am ordering my S5 and I will include this mount with two bottles. So no experience, but it looks great. I wonder if it has a rectangular shape mount or if it widens towards the bottom to fit the P5/S5 downtube

I am also curious for some real world reviews.

Been looking around for an aero bottle i can use daily on my road bike.

It’s beyond me how none of the big manufacturers have released propritary aero bottles yet when they are arguably quite significant when it comes to aero drag and could genuinly be benificial when designed with a sepcific frame in mind.

I mean they whole industry seems to be all about propriatory parts these days and with bottles it would actually make sense but they fail to do so.

Don’t mind my small rant :laughing:

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The reviews of all existing aero bottles are so mixed that I think step one is can anyone simply make a decent issue-free aero bottle :slight_smile: Maybe Cervelo learned from all the complaints on the others - but at $50, I’d have to see some real world reviews first! It seems like it’s a part of the market that is still wide open for innovation.

The more I’ve read, I may just do a BTA bottle on my quick release bars for now.

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