Aero watter bottles. Saving watts

So having done some research, it would seem that an aero water bottle has no wattage penalty at 42km/h, saving 3-4 watts over a standard water bottle and can be bought for about 15 USD. Although they are not UCI legal for road races, it seems to me that this is a very cheap upgrade on a scale of watts to price. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with this kind of water bottle? Thanks.

I’ve got an Elite Crono CX bottle on my time trial bike. I’d say it’s pretty fiddly and annoying to use (you can remove it from its cage without squeezing, but it is kind of a particular motion; if you squeeze it the bottle comes out easily but sprays water as it does so). In a triathlon where I’m using it infrequently (either with a nutrition mix or just to empty into my front hydration setup) it’s no big deal, but I don’t like using it like a regular water bottle.

I picked the Crono CX by the very scientific method of observing that it shows up in a lot of pro triathlete photos and it’s inexpensive, so maybe the TorHans VR or the XLab Aero TT bottle is easier to use. I know there are other bottles that have been made, but as far as I know are discontinued now.

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I have been asking myself the same thing and was surprised how little options there are if you want to get an aero bottle.
By far the most popular option are elite chrono cx but as mentioned above they are not really something you want to use daily.
I have yet to find a review on the newer kit chrono tt bottles and whether they’d be something you want to use on a daily basis.

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from yesterday, coincidentally.
(also mentions aero bottles)
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I ordered a Chinese bottle, called (lol) a “Torino Lamorghini”. Though hard traing, my VW Passat engine will hopefully gets the Lambo upgrade it needs soon :slight_smile:

Just because it’s hard to keep track… here are the ones I’ve seen that you can buy now:

But across all of those, I wouldn’t expect any to be as usable as a round bottle in a regular cage.

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The one I bought is 750ml @rockrabbit…if Keith is a 6 on the Chewbacca scale, I’m at least a 9. I have arms and legs like a gorrilla. I just cannot be shaving my arms and legs lol…leggings and long sleeve skinsuit!

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I would look at the Rules within your country. In Australia they have not able to be used. I am unsure of the current rules but as of two years ago they were not allowed.

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