Road Bike aero bottle + cage recommendations

In the spirit of chasing (not really all that impactful?) marginal gains I was thinking of maybe going ‘aero’ in the water bottle and cage department. Looks aside as obviously the ‘aero look’ is a +10 to speed and all… :wink:

But on a serious note, can anyone recommend a decent set? I’ve heard that the elite setup isn’t all that good for example (fluids getting out, bottle rattles after a while being annoying etc.)

For training purposes I was thinking of fully skipping on a bottle and cage setup altogether and opting out for a dual rig on the back of the seat post, so basically going with a TT approach.

But for race days I would prefer to have a bottle on the frame. Any good advice on setups for the frame?

I was using the elite one last season. I had no rattling and find the bottle cage to be really good! Fluids getting out is true, if the bottle is full. After drinking a bit, no problem at all. Will use it again this season.

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(sorry, ignore original post, just realised you were talking about putting bottles behind the seat for training only, not racing. In which case there’s still a chance of them ejecting on a technical/bumpy road, but at least you won’t be taking out other riders :wink: )

If you want an aero bottle on the frame then the Elite seems as good as any. But it’s capacity isn’t great and it’s not as easy to get in and out of the cage as a regular bottle. I don’t think any of the frame aero bottles are functionally as good as regular bottles, for the simple reason that the priority is making it aero. Most triathletes and TTers I know that use them either carry them empty (there is some evidence that certain frames are more aero with them then without them), or as storage for gels or tools.

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