CeramicSpeed DUB Bottom Bracket without a sleeve?

Hi there, I have a dumb question about a BB.
Today I received a CeramicSpeed BottomBracket for SRAM Dub that is a BSA threaded for a Specialized (https://r2-bike.com/CERAMICSPEED-Innenlager-BSA-Coated-SRAM-DUB-Road).
I unboxed it and was surprised just to see the two bearings, but no sleeve in the middle. The standard BB from SRAM that came with the bike has a sleeve, and the Shimano BSA by CeramicSpeed has a sleeve, too.
Since the threads are longer on the new one, neither of the two sleeves will fit.
Doesn‘t this BB need a sleeve?
It doesn‘t feel right, because the spinning spindle is right next to the internal cables. That doesn’t seem right. Can you help me out what is going on?

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Looking at the actual CS site, seems there is likely to be a spacer tube that should be specific to the BB.

Not sure that is exactly the one you have, but checking on their site, and then checking the “Installation” section at the bottom would be my recommendation to start.

Yeah, the „spacertube“ is even listed as part of the product. But I cannot find the spacetube alone. So if a plastic spacertube breaks, you‘ll need a new 300€ BB?
Why would they even sell those without spacertube in the first place.
I am clearly missing something.

  • I don’t know, but the fact that the CS site shows the spacer, and the one you apparently ordered from doesn’t show it raises red flags.

I’d start with contacting CS support directly, with your part box and any part ID# you have and see what they can say. Perhaps there is something amiss here and they can straighten it out.

I have reached out to both CS and R2 bike and will report the findings. This is just really weird.


Glenn from CS replied pretty quickly, asking if I had the pre 2020 version that is just completely flat inside, or the newer version with a grove:

The newer version that I have accepts a „spacer tube“, which they’ll just send me at no additional charge.
That’s really good service from these guys.

What it doesn’t give an answer to is why the first version exists in the first place. And why is this version shipped like that? The packaging clearly doesn’t allow for a spacer tube to be included in the box.


Glad they are getting you all set so quickly.

Sure is odd about the way you got the original one though.

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Just received the sleeve (spacer tube). It’s definitely not one you get on another BB I’ve seen.
The guys at R2 told me that they don’t know themselves if they include spacer tubes or not. Some do, some don‘t packaging is identical. Really weird.
Installation was super easy any it all spins like a dream!


Good to hear it all worked out for the best :smiley:

Your story reminded me of a Trek Project One bike build drama going on at the LBS. One side of the Ceramic Speed BB is slightly off and the dub spindle will not go all the way thru. I got a good deal on another Red crank and it arrived yesterday, so I took it into the bike shop and manager confirmed again that its the Ceramic Speed BB. He has been talking with Ceramic about the issue and they are sending another BB.

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