Celebrity deathmatch- Keegan vs Pidcock in Marathon Mtb race

Who would win a Marathon MTB race?

  • Kegan
  • Pidcock
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I mean Pidcock just won Worlds and rode the TdF. He’s got the skills and stamina.

You cant really compare the two atheletes like that. Not even the same realm


Depends on the distance/time.

WC Marathon MTB races aren’t that long. Keegan excels in longer distances. He doesn’t fade.

We watched this forum go deep in its admiration of Swenson and the potential he has as an athlete. Let’s not do this again. If Swenson wanted to compete at the highest level of MTB/Road, he probably could, and perhaps would like to but is constrained by a racing (and earning) environment focused on US-based pro/am events.

But…we will never know because he doesn’t.