Cassette / chain using same bike in- and outdoors


I’m using same bikes in- and outdoors.
October to March: S-works indoor & Trek outdoors
April to September: Trek indoors & S-works outdoors
Because I like my S-works better

I ride approx. 1000 km per month

I kept the same cassette on my Kickr Core last October and now my chain is ‘waisted’.
I also sometimes take my S-works outside during winter on the occasional dry weather and dry road day.

Do you switch cassette and bike together when switching between in- and outdoor?

Are they different sized cassettes? My Tarmac came with an 11-30 while my other runs an 11-28. I do not bother changing cassettes when swapping them on the trainer.

Same cassette on the trainer all the time for me. I have a chain wear indicator in reach, and check it once a month, or every time I lube the chain (whichever comes first). If you keep chains with minimal wear on both bikes, you should not have too much problem with the cassette.

That said it can depend on the specific cog or range of cogs you use. If you lock into a single cog for ERG, that one will see more wear and may lead to the need to replace the cassette at different frequency from the chain.

Both 11-speed. I always use ERG mode so almost only using 1 gear

I clean and lube it but only every month (1000km). I thought riding indoors would allow that. Less dirt, less wear. Guess i need to give my chains a lot more TLC

Your chain isn’t wasted, you have used it plenty it seems. Chains are wear items. Of course, you should keep them lubed properly to maximize the life of your cassette, chainrings and chain.

Regarding cassettes, if you are using a smart trainer on erg mode, I don’t think your choice of cassette matters much. I’d just take similarly sized cassettes to make sure the alignment isn’t off. (If you have, say, an 11-32 cassette on your wheels and an 11-23 cassette on your trainer, the size difference between the largest sprockets would be quite sizable and could lead to problems when shifting.)

If you are using your trainer in dumb mode or you had a dumb trainer, then you can go either way: you could choose a cassette with smaller steps between the gears. This allows you to fine tune your cadence. Or you could insist to use the same cassette as outdoors, because you will be forced to deal with the same gaps between the gears outdoors.

Side note: how often should you clean indoor chain/cassette (on a bike that is only used indoors)? I currently do it ± once every three weeks

I do lube and wipe the chain at least once per month. I dona full clean about every 3 months.

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Yep. Lube ~ once per month as well

This seems much too fast for chain wear indoors.

I’ve taken to waxing my chain because it keeps the rest of the drivetrain clean, but I think it’s really useful indoors. Since the chain isn’t exposed to the elements, once the drivetrain and chain are clean and the chain is waxed, the whole system stays clean. The wax lasts until it wears down. I’d guess 30-40 hours for me.

I have one bike with an 11-28 cassette and one with an 11-32, and I leave an 11-28 cassette on the trainer so that it works fine with either bike.

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I probably get two weeks (~15-20 hr) or 1-2 rides with rain and/or mud, whichever comes first.

The initial setup is kind of a pain, but at this point, I think it saves me effort, since it’s basically eliminated cleaning the drivetrain.

I use only 16t cog in ERG and replace it, not the cassette, when it wears. Saves £££ and the environment!

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Great way to do it !