Carbon rim dent :-/

Cleaning bike noticed slight dent in zipp 303s - they still run true. No cracks obvious. Should I be worried??

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Are you the original owner? I’d reach out to Zipp to see if it’s covered under warranty.

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Looks like delamination. As Frank said, reach out to Zipp. If it’s delamination, that’s a big deal, as in safety issue.


Looks like delam…. Leave em in a hot car? Garage?

Were the labels removed with some product?

Do not ride IMO

If there’s some actual variation in the surface (rather than a visual difference) then take it to the nearest ZIPP dealer to be inspected. They might be generous with you even if you’re not the original owner if there is a problem.

Thats not a dent.

Yes bought from new- ok thanks guys will head to local bike shop :-/

Carbon doesn’t ‘dent’. It’s either in its original shape, or broken. It can scratch and have chips come away, but it can’t deform like metal.


Looks like classic heat damage from car exhaust. Any chance that wheel was ever sitting near an exhaust pipe? It’s a common way for carbon wheels to get damaged. Regardless of cause, that looks like deformation and/or delamination and I personally wouldn’t ride it.