Cape Epic- Nino’s tires?

Watching these multiple punctures on team Scott-SRAM. I hear they’re using Aspens, but I can’t imagine they’re the only riders using these? Maybe some prototype lighter tire?

Anyone know what’s going on because I consider Maxxis as normally very reliable.

There’s a Cape Epic thread. But to answer the question, Frischi posted on the Scott-SRAM IG saying it’s the exact same 2.4 Aspen they’ve been running for three years. Just bad luck.

First day was a spoke through the rim tape, second was a slice when riding through the vineyard.

That was all posted before today’s stage of course where he again had another issue.

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There’s a 60, 120 and 160 tpi version, I believe. More tpis, more risky.

Based on what I’ve heard, 120 TPI EXO is what they have been running.

Lotta flats so far this year. Not a Maxxis issue.

Nino and flats seem to go hand in hand. Bad luck if running the 120 TPI EXO’s but wouldn’t surprise me if he opted for the higher TPI model.

120 TPI Aspen “ST”

My experience with tires with such minimal (and widely spaced) tread is that they’re very susceptible to punctures and cuts. I’ve had that issue with the standard Aspens.

Interesting that they don’t use the super fancy all-carbon Syncros Silverton wheels. Too stiff? Too delicate?

They are using 30mm IW wheels, which will “square” them off a bit, but it’s not too much different than what the other brands are doing I think.

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Also wonder if he is running inserts or not?

Not wide enough.

Pretty sure he usually does, at least that was reported at a World Cup last year. There wasn’t any sign of one when he was putting the tube in though. He could have thrown it away.

They make a 30mm wide version. It’s supposedly 60 g lighter than the Silverton 1.0s I presume they’re using.

Looks like Nino was using the “normal” wheels when he won World Championships last year. From some image searches, Les Gets was the last time he used the all-carbon wheels.

I did think so but couldn’t find it on quick Google. They made a point of showing them on the CF wheels when they announced the Syncros partnership last year.

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