Canyon Inflite / Grail 2XS / 3XS fork dimensions


I had Inflite 3XS once, sold it long ago and need some dimensions. Can’t find it anywhere.

Inflite fork & Grail AL fork - axle to crown length, only 27,5" forks for smallest sizes. And approximated max tire it can fit - as far as I can remember my old Inflite should take something like ~2,0-2,1" but I have never measured it. It may be a bit more. I used 45mm tires - max for the rear triangle.

I don’t know if Grail and Inflite forks are any different in dimensions.

The reason behind it - I would like to build a very tiny monster gravel without any compromises in geometry. I can build a custom steel frame, but no carbon fork (or at least in reasonable money :D). For small size and small wheels normal “standard” forks are much longer than necessary - typical axle to crown length ~395mm to fit both 700C and 650B. I need a shorter fork, specific for 650B that can fit biggest possible tire. And don’t know what to look for.