Can't end workout mac/windows

Started TR, and did the update, and then started a workout. Now I can’t get ‘End Workout’ to end the workout. (And the minimize (square with 4 dots) won’t work either, but everything else seems to work)

I was able to open their chat support, and was told to hold off on force quitting the app, and the chat ended. I have a ticket opened, but can’t track it.

Anyone else having issues with Venture 13.4.1 and ending workouts? I don’t remember how long it’s been since I did a workout so no idea when this update was released.


All I get is an edit window on your response… :man_shrugging:

If you are talking about me, I set this post in the TrainerRoad Software category, since it was left as Uncategorized when it was created (the forum default).

This just helps it be seen by TR reps, but also “bumps” the topic as a notification despite not getting a real response.


Ahh. Thanks. I clicked the email with your response, and got an edit window. Threw me off a bit…

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Are you still pedaling right now, though? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Recently updated to the latest version of TR on my Mac, I went to end the workout after completing my scheduled ramp test. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work and after trying for around 20-30 minutes had to force quit. I’m mainly just upset because I improved my FTP and am still stuck at my previous one, even though I can manually update it to my new one all the progress is lost. Is there any resolution for this I saw another forum poster that had a similar issue regarding the inability to end workout.

I moved your post under the one you referenced, to keep this discussion grouped since it seems directly related.

It’s a good idea to email if you haven’t done so already. They do respond here, but a ticket is more direct and guaranteed to be seen and addressed.


Hello all,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The team is working on this as we speak. I’ll let you know as soon as I have any information that will help.

Sorry for the trouble!



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This just happened to me on Windows. I looked at the .exe and it seems I’m running product version 2023.26.260.0 and the file version shows 2023.26.0.260 (yes they have the last two parts flipped).

just to let you know had the same problem with a different workout (Detling +1) on the windows app

Okay, I was freaking that the experience was gone, but under instructions from their support, I force quit and restarted the app and the workout immediately blew out to Strava and looked like nothing happened. Freaky, but wow. ‘Unexpected’… :laughing:

Maybe my wife is right: being too focused on getting credit in Strava can wait for a few minutes, or GASP isn’t important. (These people that just don’t get it…)

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And thanks to Dan for being there on chat. I didn’t expect to get anyone, and am so happy to get a resolution for the ‘save my data’ first world problem. 5*!


I changed the title to make it more agnostic and clearer what the issue was/is.

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Sweet! Thanks for doing that :smiley:

Hello again everyone,

We’ve figured out what’s going on with this, and simply restarting the app after the update will prevent this issue from happening.

That means for athletes who haven’t run into this issue yet, once your app has updated, restart it before performing a workout.

For those who have already experienced this issue, rest assured that it won’t happen again. In our testing, we’ve only experienced this issue during the first workout after the update.

If you’ve already got a workout open that you can’t end, as @robcow mentioned, you can force quit the app and you shouldn’t lose your ride.

We’re working on a fix that will take care of this issue altogether, which should be out soon, but we wanted to let everyone know how to get around it for the time being.

Thanks again! :handshake:


But I thought the app did restart. Oh, BEFORE the update. Wow… Thanks for a speedy solution!

Ride on!!!

Hey everyone,

The update that @eddiegrinwald mentioned we are working on is now LIVE! :tada:

Go ahead and allow your MacOS/Windows app to update & restart and this issue should be fixed!

Please let me or TR Support know if you run into any additional trouble.