Can men wear women's bib shorts?

As the title says, really.

My favourite bib shorts are sold out in my size and it doesn’t look like they’ll be restocked before my training camp coming up.

But the women’s version that matches my waist size is not only available, but reduced in price. Are the differences in cut and in the pad that great, or should I be fine to wear them?

(NB this is a practical question only; I have literally no qualms about any “cross-dressing” implications…)


If you try them on and the Chamois works for you, then go for it. Women’s chamois are shaped differently on most (decent) brands, offering pressure relief in the areas women need it. If you feel comfortable with a slightly different chamois, ride on.

Some brands also design the bib straps slightly differently too, to accommodate comfort across the chest.


My wardrobe has half and half mens and womens over the years :wink: same issue not finding my sizes. But give them a go, find a brand that happily accepts returns (like Velocio) if doesn’t take your fancy.
Keep in mind though, women’s typically have a slightly shorter inseam and wider, different cut chamois than mens.


While it’s possible, I wouldn’t make a purchase of women’s bibs in full knowledge of the facts. I have one pair of women’s bibs I’ll wear on the trainer for sweet spot and threshold rides, only because I already own them due to a mis-purchase and it helps reduce the wear on my proper fitting shorts. The chamois shape is wrong, and so it works ok on substantial efforts where one isn’t sitting hard on the saddle, and indoors in private where I’m not concerned with how I might be presenting my anatomy to fellow riders in a group.

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A couple of years back I picked up a pair of LG bib shorts at their factory outlet. They were $10 because of factory defects- womens chamois in mens bib shorts. I figured I would give them a try and they are actually one of my better pair of bib shorts.


I have been tempted, because they only seem to sell the bibs with a loop that goes around your neck to women. Would be useful for longer rides.

I thought I had seen the strangest thread question I’d ever see, but then I found this one…


I’m going with the “Yes, if you can pull off the color, go for it” answer…

Yes. Some of my male teammates order women’s bibs for the bib leg length. #tanlinepriorities


As a woman, I would say it depends on the brand. You would definitely want to try on or be able to return.

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