Campy Users: bigger chainring options?

I’m riding Campy Chorus 12 spd with chainrings 36/52 and 34/10 cassette pie in the back. I an looking for bigger chainrings because I often find myself cross chaining in the little chainring, and for flat events occasionally find myself wishing for a little more a little more. However campy doesn’t make them any bigger right now. Anybody have any experience with 55/42 or 54/42, cross compatibility with vision or absolute black? Or rotor round rings?

You’ll probably be able to stick 11sp chain rings on (my 11spd campy chorus is 53/39) or indeed any crankset with the correct BB. Ive used a 10spd crank with my 11spd sh1tmano setup no problem when my 11sp cranks succumbed to the problem which sh1tmano says doesn’t exist. Sh1tmano chains regardless of speed are identical inside its only the side plates which are different width which makes matching at the back critical. I think Campag will be the same.

Campy uses 98/123BCD which doesn’t look like any other company makes third party. 53/39 is likely not a very noticeable difference between 52/36, so looks like I’m stuck with that. Just got to spin faster I guess

Yip, 53/39 would be unnoticeable. I’m sure I’ve seen folk put oval rings or bigger rings on campag equiped TT bike but a whole new front crank including sorting out a BB to match would be required. So you could go bigger but it won’t be easy or cheap :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m surprised there isn’t a third party option for Campy, especially where prices are. Seems like there’s a market opportunity there.

Probably will be in the future for the Chorus 12 spd; there’s third party options for older campy stuff but Google says they have changed the BCD on the 12spd stuff :exploding_head:

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My only advice if you are looking third party would be to get the technical specs for your Chorus crankset from the Campy website and take a look at the tolerances. They are notorious for using tolerances no one else uses to prevent you from mixing and matching. In my case, I used a chain that was .01mm bigger than Campy spec and completely shredded my rear derailleur’s jockey cage.

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Not really answering the original question, but I would first check if the issues can be solved by changing the cassette. Replacing the cassette is much easier than replacing the chainrings, as there are not that many details related to compatibility.