Call of a lifetime

That’s not what Sofia said. She did not say “I should have won it.”
She said “I should be able to win it.” Sounds like a perfectly reasonable competitive professional athlete to me.


I will go back and rewatch that, it’s entirely possible I misheard it.

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I really enjoyed this series. Lot’s of great production for these events. Sofia didn’t get painted in a very positive light but we get see some of the other pros in positive way.

I didn’t know much about Chaquamegon. I can’t wait to sign up for this event. Sounds like my kind of race of intervals over and over. I love Spanish Needle.


It’s unrelenting. Great race if you get the chance to do it. Don’t expect to hold a steady power though.


Just watched it (right at the start of episode 5). I can confirm that she said “I should be able to win it.”

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I went back and rewatched, you are correct. Still, It comes off as ‘I’m better than her’


I think she’s great in it. Love the honesty. I don’t think it’s fair to expect professional athletes for whom winning is their job to be chill and humble all the time. Not that it isn’t refreshing to see that attitude come through in some of them! Just to say I can appreciate both and I love that Sophia leans into being totally transparent about it.


This is interesting. I am not usually the one who immediately goes to sex, but I can’t help but wonder if the people who disliked Sofia’s comment about Hannah would react the same way if MVDP said if “Wout won this race, I should be able to”?


The world’s best off road cyclists.

There wasn’t a single person inside the UCI top 25 and the highest bloke racing is ranked what… 34? Blevins?

Much like the US crit racing scene - I’m sure it’s fun racing but it’s just not anywhere near the world stage for talent.


I absolutely would have.

I’m pretty tired of Stetina’s gate keeping. He’s been doing it for so long though that it doesn’t surprise me any more. Sofia’s comments caught me off guard though as I didn’t expect them.

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How long is a World Cup race again?

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If anyone is in poor light I think it’s Stetina. Complaining people are working within the rules to win the race. Why wouldn’t they?

Pete: The spirit of gravel is gone



NAILED IT!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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I don’t think that’s relevant, they’re still the best athletes when they step up to XCM etc

How long is an XCM race?

I honestly have no clue, I’m not a MTB person

Typically 80min, though they can be between 70 and 100 I think by memory.

For reference though, Sam Gaze won XCC (19min stupidly fast race) and XCM (4hrs). Class is class.

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I think it’s more the “I told her ‘I can’t wait to take you out’” that is a bit of a concern.

I’d be upset too if someone crashed me out while switching lines. But that’s racing.

Regardless, they really leaned into the drama and emotions on the women’s episodes. I think the only whiff of that on the Men’s was in episode 6 when they talked about not stopping at aid stations.


Looks like I’ve got my trainer entertainment for the next few days! Glad to see this thread!

I feel like gravel racing is perfect for the “drive to survive” format Netflix has done with F1. Watching a motorcycle stream of the leaders of a 100+mile gravel race sounds boring as hell, but having back story and key highlights made into a series is perfect! Excited to watch this!


Here is the thing that bugs me about Stetina…he talks about the “spirit of gravel” and wanting to keep it true to its core, blah, blah, blah.

  1. He onlynstarted doing gravel in 2019, so it isn’t like he is some OG Gravel Rider.


I mean, c’mon…that is a pretty big double standard.


The series is, something. I would have liked to seen more than 90 seconds on Sofia and Hannah taking their wins and the stories with that. Instead we get the crusher and wisconsin race. Meh.

I need to watch it again though as this has been trainer material with closed captions and had them off during Stetina’s talk on the unbound ep, but with no volume and no CC I already knew he was going off on aero bars and the $pirit of Gravel.