Calibration of Tacx Satori

I have problems with calibrating by Taxc Satori… The app says that I should tighten it (but its impossible to do more than I already have). Then I opened the whole thing and checked that the magnet was moving in the 10 steps that it should. Here is the problem… It moves in the 10 steps but for me it seems that some steps are bigger than others (I got a feeling that the step between level 9 and 10 was super tight compared to the other ones, so I guess that the problem could be that level 1 on the regulator in the reality is more like 1,5-2). However, if I now want to fix this how will I know what the “true” radius should be for the different levels? And also, they seem a bit “flowy” depending on how I move the regulator/cable.

I have checked so that the position depending on wheel size is correct.