Calendar stops at 12/2019

Probably been answered before but it looks like the Calendar only goes out to the end of 2019. I’m trying to implement some of my learnings from this year into my plans for this time next year and it would be great to put some annotations and basic stuff in now. Obviously, its a year out and a ton can change but my thoughts are mainly around avoiding sickness so Nate can no doubt relate.

I haven’t seen it stated, but I think the calendar is limited to 1 year from the current month.


Doesn’t seem that unreasonable. The storage will add up even if there are very few dates populated.

I believe we do that for performance. We have some plans to speed up calendar load, when we do that we can push it out a couple more years.


@Nate_Pearson has this been scheduled, or is there an (approximate) timeframe?

We are about to have a dev look at the website speed issues, and they will look into this at the same time. I can’t give an exact time-frame, unfortunately.


@RyanSpivey @maamen

As of today, we now allow for planning up to two years in advance :boom: