Cadence VS Position

I have been training for an up and coming TT. (Unfortunately, it was cancelled)

I have noticed that in the TT position my natural cadence is around 100-105 rpm. On the other hand, while riding holding the hoods on the road bike, my natural cadence is around 90-95 rpm. At these cadences I put out the same power, in different positions, with the same amount of noticeable stress.

Is this normal? Should I be putting out “More” power in one position than the other?

I’m worried that I’m getting lost in my head, and loosing watts somewhere.

This is argued a lot but I think the general consensus is that your body will naturally put out the most efficient cadence.
This doesn’t mean you can’t “train” it, but I don’t think it should be a big area of concern. More importantly, make sure you have a professional bike fit and I wouldn’t be too concerned about the cadence… in my opinion