Cadence and workout

I am confused really at workout intensity and specifically suggested cadences. Currently on SSBV2 and happen to be doing bluebell. I have a naturally higher cadence of 95 comfortably at least on the trainer. I feel like if I blast the higher intensity then somehow I’m losing something. If I go slower and consistent 95-97 during the higher intensity zones then I get fatigued but can certainly do more work. I have bumped up my ftp percent even to 102%. I am missing something. For this to be vo2 work, I feel like I am just not pegged. Should I be pegged or should I have a small bump in Hr and then just recover. I have had harder workouts I believe. I feel that I am getting stronger but I still am confused of the on screen cadence options and suggestions. If I blast it I feel thag somehow I’m overcooking the interval benefits and maybe making it easier for me vs the intended target. Thanks in advance for any feedback and help. I’m sure there are a ton of posts about this same thing.

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