Cadence Vs gearing

So I’m about to start my build stage and the session suggests 90 - 100rpm. I’ve also read that a straight chain line is optimal and one does not need to chain your gearing when ERG mode. The question, do I need/should I/ to change my gearing to enable a 100rpm target in my next session and should I be changing my gear just to hit a specific cadence range during a session.

Thanks in advance

@Ednut If in ERG mode just pedal at the cadence you want and power will match what’s prescribed.


Yep, erg mode will set power, regardless of your cadence.

A few things to consider…

  • chainline, impacts noise and wear
  • gear, impacts speed and noise
  • cadence, low cadence can have odd impact on power handling by trainer (not as consistent, sometimes tris to ramp power up and can be hard to maintain)

I run my trainer SS, so don’t have a choice. But when I ran geared, I picked a cog in the low-middle end of the cassette to minimize noise and flywheel speed.