Cadence during workouts like Avalanche Spire +1

Hi - This is my first time doing any kind of structured training plan. I’m 38, male, and 177 pounds with and FTP of 355. Avalanche Spire +1 says to aim for a cadence between 85-95rpm, but my self-selected cadence (ie, when I just spin without looking) is around 100-105rpm. I started on this workout today, and I had to bump the workout up 5% and still wasn’t feeling any burn in my legs. Finally I lowered it down to 103% but dropped my cadence down to 95, and felt a slight burn. I was hesitant to push it much over 105% thinking I was probably doing something wrong. I sort of thought the cadence was a minimum, but should I slow my cadence down for these workouts? On the road, on flat, my self-selected cadence matches what it is on the trainer. On climbs, I’ve got a 34-28 in the bay area. I’ve got some punchy climbs, so my cadence tends to drop to somewhere between 75-90 depending on the gradient and how hard I feel like working. My A race this year is Sea Otter (road race) and then the Sagan Fondo dirt edition is 2 weeks later, and i’d like to hold my form for that event. For what it’s worth, I’ve also never raced. I’m cat 5, and doing my first crit this weekend. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!