BWR Utah 2024 - Tire Choice

Curious what people here think about tire choice for BWR Utah. This year they have cut out some of the single track.

I’m leaning towards running 47 Pathfinder Pros, since they are already on my bike, but do have the option of putting on Conti Terra Speed 45s or Schwalbe G-One RS 45s.

I’m thinking all three would be pretty good. The 47 Pathfinder Pros are a little heavier (80gm more than the Conti’s) but should offer a little more flat protection.


Will be running Conti Race King 2.2’s. Probably going to run that at almost every gravel race this year other than BWR CA if there’s as much road as usual and especially if they make that course ‘easier’ like they are with UT this year. I’ll also size down for Unbound XL if max mud clearance is needed. The Conti’s roll surprisingly well on the road, but then I can rip the gravel with a bit less care for line choice or worry from following the wheel in front of me too closely. I also I feel like I come into the pointy end of the race fresher from not having as jarring of a ride as I’d normally have from a narrower tire.

Conti Terra Speed 40/45s are my go-to narrower setup. I just wish they lasted longer. I swear the rear has a majority of the tread worn off after a month of few weeks of solid riding.


What bike are using? With my Checkpoint I’m realistically not going to be able to go bigger than a 47. Would love to use Race Kings but don’t currently have a drop bar MTN bike.

Is the BWR Utah course known to be hard on tires?

I’m racing on a STATE BICYCLE CO. CARBON ALL-ROAD this year. Not too much clearance in the rear, but there’s a fair amount up front, especially when I run the Fox 32 TC gravel fork.

I’ve raced BWR UT a few times in the past and it’s not necessarily that hard on tires, but if you’re racing in or near the front group and trying to hold the wheel at those speeds I just have more peace of mind knowing I’m bound to rail a hole or big rock at speed. Then, while they may have taken some of the single track out that has traditionally been included, there still seems to be some single track. There’s also been a lot of loose sand when I’ve previously raced, so I’m always for a larger volume tire in loose conditions like that. I’m not sure if that’ll be different this year with it being so early in the year versus when they normally have UT, but we’ll see next week!