Burnout.... Looking for some insight

I am hoping to get some insight from the forum on the topic of burnout. A bit of background, from late April until end the of August I did 16 weeks of racing, CX (A races), road (B races), and MTB (C races), all three categories in CAT 2. My primary focus for those 16 weeks was the state CX series which I did win, and I even managed to win a couple of road races and a MTB race, so all in all it was a very intense and satisfying (Australian) winter.

At the end of August, after the final round of CX I had some travel plans and lowered my TSS, I kept riding, but no competition and no formal training. That last about 1 month, until the last week of September when cranked up the TSS again. After two weeks I was returning to my CX form quickly then something snapped. Which is where I’m at today.

I have nothing, no power, I feel like I’m hitting my lactate threshold when walking up some stairs or riding up a simple hill on my commute. Extremely flat, which is strange because my fitness was coming along.

I thought it might be mental, but I have an O/S riding trip coming up and I’m so keen on it that my motivation is extremely high, but I cannot make any power on the bike.

Anyone ever experience this? I’ve tried resting on and off for the last two weeks, but I return to this flat feeling immediately.

I’ve read the TR blog on burnout, doesn’t list any physical factors. :frowning:



Over-training syndrome?

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If it was me I’d Just take a total break from training for at least a week, more likely 2. Still ride bike occasionally (maybe 1-2 a week) but no training, just spinning legs and looking around, enjoying it. Sounds like burnt out mentally and physically. Join in some fun easy group rides with mates, go easy cycle with kids/partner (if applicable). Basically total break from training. You won’t lose much fitness really in fortnight


To me it sound like you didn’t have enough rest easy days during that April-August period, and that now you might be in an over-trained state. If I were you, I’d do as @RobertSims suggested. Just take it really easy for a few weeks, and let your body and mind rest well before getting back on the serious training again.

Hope you get back on form soon.