Burnout and unmotivated. How to proceed?

After my collarbone operation back in August 2018 I took a break and started stuctured training for first time and very soon, in September. I did SSB MV I, II and repeated II. Weather was improving so Sustained Power Build was 3-4 workouts indoor and Sunday free ride (Big TSS long ride). Climbing Speciality only 3 workout inside (one was Pettit, so, 2)
I ended adding a lot of volume with my free rides, I also did some Basin +1 workouts outside. After A event in July, I forgot about intervals and TR.

Power records of 1h, 20min and 15 min were set in March and May but until July I didn’t started to feel in a fall. Today I have only like 10% less FTP and ~15% less 10 min power, I’ve had some bad muscular response a few rides ago and psychologically I feel tired of the road bike, I need a break.

The problem is I don’t want to lose fitness but I don’t want to start base too soon like last year. Until december I wouldn’t like to start SSB. I’d like to lift, ski and run, but I might loose even more fitness in 4 months.

Maybe adquiere a MTB and combine it with running? Do a weekly roadbike ride after the break? Which zone focus? z2?

https://www.trainerroad.com/career/enric97 (Real FTP about 230w and weight ~67kg)

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Great discussion in this forum as Chad provided links. This questions episode (#75) of PurplePatch has almost this exact question.

Take a week off. See how you feel the following week. If good pick up training, if not do some really easy rides. You’ll gain back your previous fitness pretty quick once the motivation bounces back.

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i agree with dennenj, take a week off, i doubt you will lose that much fitness. even if you do I agree again with dennenj, it will come back pretty quickly once you feel fresh again. you really have been pouring on the TSS for several months here, I think your mind set with regard to burnout will also drastically improve with fresh legs.