Building/buying a dedicated trainer only bike. How would you design it?

Yeah this is a thought actually. I have an old 9-speed ultegra casette on my trainer bike and even that can be a pain in the ass when trying to hit target wattages. (Though I imagine that’s less of a problem if you’re using erg for actual workouts and only shifting in Zwift.

Most people can’t hold the same position outdoors as they do indoors, and vice versa. (For example, a lot of people can get super aero indoors but it might not be practical for bike handling or seeing what’s going on around you. Likewise the lack of movement on a trainer can cause pressure points you don’t notice outside.) For that reason I don’t think it’s worth chasing perfection as long as your indoor position is relatively similar- all your really race-specific workouts should probably be done on your race bike anyway.

Provided you don’t have another bike for commuting/rainy days/etc, I also think it’s convenient to be able to ride your trainer bike outside in a pinch. I’ve used mine for commuting when my car broke down the other week, rides when i know I’ll have to leave my bike by a beach or pool/in a car etc (I live in a dodgy area where nice bikes go missing all the time), and lending to friends who want to try cycling. Probably depends on your circumstances, but sometimes there’s times when you’re like “man I wish I had a shitty bike for this”

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My fits are similar, but minor differences like crank length make it a bit of a hassle, considering I use Vector3s which would need to move bikes each time. And the Kickr seems to be 15-20W higher than the Vectors, so there’s some problem there I need to work through. Planning on testing on and riding the Venge for now. Will likely lead to a reduction in FTP while I adjust to the bike/fit, but hopefully I can push back up as I adapt.

This might be an obvious one but have you compared the two sources directly? (i.e using the vectors on the kickr at the same time?) It’s not uncommon for smart trainers to read a little off from power meters- I’ve heard in particular that kickrs can be substantially higher. Obviously would require some fiddling with the pedals but it might be worth doing as a one off to determine if the discrepancy actually stems from your fit or the measurement tool.

Hi @kurt.braeckel
I leave in a flat. The reason why I got a dedicated bike was to keep things clean and tidy (I ride my road/commuter bike every day, sunshine or snow is the same)

But I must admit that now I would do the same even if a had a different house/bike arrangement. It’s so practical and clean that I don’t see myself going back. Just on this bike I use C3 MucOff lube which does the trick very well and I have enough fan power that dripping sweat is barely a prob.

IMO it’s a no brainer

I’ve been using an old carbon road frame ( Ridley Noah ) no brakes , derailures , surly steel chain ring, works components single speed adapter out back, & a surly single speed adapter ( it’s like a rear derailed but auto floats to maintain chain tension and chain line without a shifter) and an sram single speed chain. It’s much quieter & crazy durable. I would estimate 2-3x over shifting systems. That said ur in erg mode and that’s it. I’m not a zwifter so I’m fine with it.

Yeah, I typically run Vectors on TR and Kickr on Zwift so I can watch them side-by-side. I re-calibrated everything and made sure the crank length was set properly on the Vectors and they were a lot closer during my ramp test and workout today. Kickr still a shade higher, but it might be where I can call it “good enough”.

I really don’t want to have to monkey with swapping pedals every day.

If it wasn’t for Zwift and you did all workouts in ERG I’d say single speed.

Brake hoods are cheap, ss chains last forever. Then spend a bit of time replicating your position to your outside bike. Ally would be my choice, much more affordable than even the cheapest ti, and I bet spec creep would kick in and you’d build a ti road bike!

Plus if you did take it outside SS bikes are fun.