🎉 Build & Sync Custom Workouts from Training Peaks & Final Surge 🎉

TSS works great on the bike but it is very limited for run and swim. For example a trail run that is at 11:00 per mile may be very tough but it would get you a lower tss than an easy aerobic run. TM runs and swim TSS are way off.
As a general rule, I always do 10tss per mile run and 15 tss per 1000 swim.

Absolutely and for the running I tend to do the same Pfitz modified plans and map out on TR. Since I have done a workout prior or even not I typically know the “general” tss I can expect.

Thank you!!! this is a huge upgrade and a definite deciding factor on keeping my subscription.

Hey @icebear, at this point in time we have no immediate plans to push TrainerRoad workout information over to TrainingPeaks.

As for your worry about the duplicates, confirming the only thing we are pulling are the actual, structured workouts. Since we don’t pull other things, there shouldn’t be any issues with duplicates. :+1:

That said, if you do happen to notice any issues, please be sure to let us know!

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First workout planned today and it’s there in my TR calendar ready to go!

@Nate_Pearson One thing that I sort of skimmed past on the release but now is more obvious is how everything with a range comes across as an average. The same thing happens to TP workouts being pulled into Zwift EXCEPT Warm-up and Cool down intervals, if set in a range come across as a ramp. It works beautifully, I can chuck a 20 minute warm-up at 50-70% in TP and when I ride it I get a nice gradual ramp rather than having to create multiple short interval steps that build e.g 5x4minutes or so.

Is that something that is possible or is it restricted by the file format you are pulling across from TP? It isn’t the biggest deal but it sure makes life that little bit easier! :grin:


Wow - I came here to post this exact question.

Both TR and RGT level out the warmup and cool down intervals, where Zwift smoothly ramps them. I’m working with a coach, and he always wants me to ramp those up and down (but I don’t want to use Zwift :slight_smile:) .

If it’s something not too difficult to implement, I’d love to see it as well.

And thanks again for this feature - I am appreciative of being able to pull in the TP workout and use the excellent TR interface.

I just added an “experimental” text based workout builder to Intervals.icu:

Still need to do work to generate all the different file formats from this but that should be easy @iamholland .


When are you getting an app? On safari the site is tough to see unless in landscape mode. Just asking as I hardly use my laptop.

TR always improving! Quick question that I may have skimmed over above. Will custom workouts created in FS/TP be saved in the TR workouts list as they would if created using TR creator? That way you can add it to your calendar directly from TR instead of having to go to FS or TP first to add it there.

It looks good David.

I haven’t played with yours yet. How do you export?

That aside, add things that are not FTP. Base off of FTP, and MMP. Say I want a 15s sprint and want to do 15s @ 10SMMP. Then work 10min @ 95% TP (or 20MMMP or 20M CP). Stuff like that would be pretty awesome.

I assume you can have multi- segmented main to define repeats? Such as:

Main Set 2x

  • 5m 90%
  • Sub-Main 20x
    • 15s 260%
    • 15s 50%
  • 5m 90%

Repeat “main” 2x

Yeah I have had that a lot! First thing to do is get the web app to work properly on a small screen. Thats a bit of work but do-able maybe only for some functionality (looking at the ride you just did. chats etc,). Making an app is something to consider after that.

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Tx. I can easily add different units.

I haven’t done any export yet. Going to get on that next. I don’t have any kind of smart trainer so will have to bug people to test.

You can’t do multi segment like you describe but I could easily to that. Decided not to on v1 as then whoever is editing the text needs to worry about indentation. But I think I will add it for advanced users.

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I am loving this feature. Thanks TR.

@ryanppax sorry for the delay on this, but we pushed a few small fixes to the integration today. Would you mind giving things a shot to confirm things are pulling properly on your end?

Yep, I put a test in for tomorrow and it came in

@bnied See above.


I’ve been using this recently and it’s definitely a great addition.

Apart from ramping warmups / cooldowns correctly, one other suggestion is to get the cadence targets to display as workout text.

Might as well page @bnied too :grin:

This is awesome! I normally just use TR’s plans but for the next 8 weeks got a special TP plan. Now, I can use it with the TR App. Yay!

I can’t seem to push my TP plan starting tomorrow to TR. I’m a premium member and have re-authorized. Do the workouts sync 1 day ahead or day of?

From the first post of this thread:

Maybe try reauthorizing? Make sure the TP workout uses % ftp.