Broken wheels on wheel-on trainert

I have a set of old aluminum wheels that are cracked… would it be safe to use on a trainer? I know for sure it can’t be use on the road safely and i assume that it can be use on the trainer bike but just want to make sure I’m not missing something that could be dangerous

Should be fine. I use an old Mavic rear wheel that has cracks in every spoke hole, no worry.

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The answer has got to start with ‘it depends…’. Clearly you have to make your own decision, taking into account the magnitude of the damage and the type of riding you will be doing. A wheel failure on a static trainer could be a rather unpleasant experience and may also damage your trainer. I would be especially concerned using a trainer like those designed by Elite where there isn’t a full triangle supporting the rear of the bike. You could have a rather nasty fall if something went drastically wrong and this would be a very different experience to a typical crash on the road.


I’d just be worried about spokes coming off and getting narled into stuff.

Can you post a picture of the cracked wheel?