Broken hip recovery

So I find myself in the unenviable position of having just come of my bike and breaking my hip and bones in my face. Literally had the operation to repair and don’t know what was done as yet with exception to plate and screws.
I was out on my brand new gravel bike and was loving life, getting back into the swing of riding at night again and then I wake up with someone checking on me. No idea what happened.
I’m gutted to say the least, my whole life put on hold with one small crash but I’m determined that I WILL be back and be stronger, never was that strong anyhoo but where do I start. I know I will be away from the bike 6 weeks minimum but then what?
How do I approach this? I know I will have to start all over and find out if I can even walk properly again but should I do my Yoga again, strengthening exercises for my hip… sorry my brain is racing and I’m trying to convey this quickly in my slightly addled state.

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The positive thing is that youre still alive and keen to get back on the bike. That’s the best attitude. Follow your physician, physiotherapist etc…advises on how is best for a fully recover and what kind of physical activities you can or cant do.
It’s going to be a process and trying to accelerate things could actually make it longer

Good luck

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Ah man, that’s terrible, I am sorry to hear that.

I did the same thing at the end of last year. I would definitely echo @Julio1869 point. The important thing is that you’re ok!

This week might feel like the worst, but it’s important to know that next week will be better and the one after that will be better again.

As has been said, it is a process and, unfortunately, it might take longer than you want but you will recover. For now, try not to think about cycling - there will be a time to - it’s only going to add stress.

Stay strong :fist:

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@spooks link below to a forum thread elsewhere specifically around coming back from a broken hip with 10 years plus of narrative from cyclists so quite an insight.

Heel quickly and fully :muscle: :+1:

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I broke my hip in May 2015 after getting hit by a car, had surgery with pins and rods to repair it and spent 4 weeks completely off the bike.
At the 4.5 week mark I started with a 15 minute ride where my heart rate was way higher than my power. It actually felt better to ride a bike than it did to walk. I slowly increased the length of my rides and total weekly duration taking time off as needed when I felt sore or especially tired, but by 12 weeks post-op I put in a 22.5 hour week and felt totally fine.
So the beginning is rough and sneezing was the most painful experience I’ve had, but other than that just try to be patient and stay distracted, try to pick up a new hobby or spend more time on one you already have that doesn’t involve moving around much. I just ended up reading all of the books that I’d been wanting to read. Also, eat as much as you can, I was eating ~3,500 calories per day and I ended up losing 15lbs.

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@Spooks I feel your pain. I’ve had the same experience in August 2019, minus the unconscious part. Broke my left hip, badly, on the first day of vacation and then spent 8 days in hospital before being flown home.
My hip was “fixed” with a gamma nail.

Here we are 1 1/2 years later and I’m cycling again, preparing to ride a few Gran Fondos in the summer. I’m also running, doing yoga and strength training. It’s not perfect yet, as I still have some flexibility issues in the hip and some aches now and then because my running pattern is not exactly what it used to be. But, and this is the main thing: I’m improving and I’m sure that my cycling can be just as good as before the accident.

During the recovery phase, I spent a lot of time at the physiotherapist. Find a good one that can help you get better. In the beginning I needed lots of training to get out of bed, get up the stairs, walk (on crutches) around the house. After a while it went to weight lifting, (slow) running, jumping, etc. Sometimes there are setbacks, often there are improvements. Just be sure to remember the improvements and not take them for granted.

It’s hard work, mentally and physically, to bounce back, but as cyclists we’re used to hard work, so I’m sure that you can do that as well!

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Thank you all for the words of encouragement and sharing your experiences. Surgeon really happy and the physio set out an optimistic picture saying I’m healing faster after taking my first steps on my own today. Baby steps but let’s start on this road to recovery.


Anyone know if I can put my TR account on hold whilst I’m off the bike, wouldn’t normally bother but no sick pay is forcing me to look at all costs during this time.

Recovery is an individual thing, and you’ll find out what works for you. But be positive. You will recover. I broke my hip 35 years ago, and after a while, I never even thought about it. Still going strong at age 71.

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Saw surgeon yesterday and today, 2 weeks post op, I was on the turbo for a zero resistance very very low watts 10min spin. Surgeon delighted with recovery and how the bone is, I speak to a physio Friday (on the phone due to COVID restrictions) so will see what they say from there. I appreciate for all that it seems to be going well at the moment, this could all change quickly and there are good and bad days but currently my recovery is going well and my determination aims to keep it this way.

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Quick update and a question.

So now 7 weeks post op, back at work now and doing really well. Surgeon delighted and was quick to show how well recovery is going, physio happy but thinks I maybe doing too much.
Been doing daily Yoga for 20 mins concentrating on mobility and some resistance band work.
Not done any structured training but been on Zwift doing the Tour de Zwift gradually increasing power output and doing reasonably well, last ride was stage 4 standard stage at an avg power of 90% of FTP ( or at least what my FTP was before the break) I had no pain at all evident and in fact I feel much better after being on bike.
So based on this when do you think I should start doing structured TR training rides again?

Hi, I am reading your post Late.
Not actually broken hip, I had mine replaced so Chopped off and Ball and socket.

The thing with the surgery is the cut through all the major Tissue so all that needs to heal and strengthen. It was 3 weeks before i could walk without a stick.

I sat on the Turbo trainer at 5 weeks managed 30 seconds. The week later at 5 min each day and built up daily.

I was doing structure at about 13 weeks.

The one thing that i had several times was the joint has more mobility than a normal hip joint due to all the tissue still needing to regrow around the joint, I managed to lock the joint at its extreme position… it hurt like hell, after the second time i was very careful.

I took 6 months of strength training and structure and it was fine. I am very careful about stretching at hip flexior or any hip stuff. My surgeon said any cycling allowed but not heavy weight training so thats what i have stuck with.

I am an ultra endurance distance cyclist I have an ambition of Doing TCR 2024, after next years LEL and PBP 2023.

So anything possible

I should say, the scare tissue does sometimes nip and the odd bit of pain in the hip joint area, nothing a bit of Rubbing does not sort out

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