Broken Garmin Back

I broken the back of my Garmin. It’s less than a yr old. Will contact Garmin, but in case I don’t like their solution, does anyone else have a fix? I’ve seen prosthetics with good reviews, but I will loose the ability to utilize external batt/features as the prosthetics mount over the existing.

I had a similar break on an older Edge 800 and was able to purchase a back on ebay (around $25)…the 800 was not difficult to disassemble and reinstall the new cover. The new edge may be more difficult…not sure.

I did a quick search on ebay and only saw one available from the Russian Federation and it has a long lead time for delivery:

I also saw a website for one thru china:

Hopefully Garmin can take care of you.


Never used one before but remember seeing an article about it.

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I did dogears for a garmin 800 and it worked great until I replaced the 800 with a 1030. Several years of use.

there are a few options for 3D prints that can be used as a temporary repair / hack job. Check this out

I can print one and mail it to you, or you can try 3D hubs

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or you can just grind it off and stick on an aftermarket mount.

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They say these adapters are “not for use outdoors”, but I used one with a phone case for months with no issues. A good temp. option while you wait for a replacement back plate.

yeah, i have one that I used with a waterproof phone case, before I got a dedicated head unit. Never had a problem with it in the rain/mud etc.

Garmin’s response:
I am sorry to hear about the fall, hope you are okay! In this scenario, the Edge 530 will need to be exchanged for a newly overhauled 530. We don’t fix the mount on the back and a crash is out of warranty unfortunately. I can set up the exchange two different ways:

  1. Future ship: I can set up the RMA to have you send back the defective unit first. Once we receive the defective unit, it will be processed at our warehouse and the replacement will be shipped out. There will be a $120 replacement fee and a 10-14 business day window where you will be without your device.
  2. Immediate ship: I can take a $120 deposit as well as the replacement fee and set up the RMA to ship the replacement unit first. Once we receive the defective unit back, we will process it and refund the deposit to your card. This is the fastest way to get your replacement device.

Bottom line: any fall/crash voids warranty. Not impressed.

Unless you are an ultra endurance rider, the external battery pack is a pretty expensive way of charging your 530, over the much cheaper micro-USB cable alternative.

Not to sound like a jerk, but the device did get messed up from a crash. I wouldn’t warranty it either if I was them. I’d either do the suggested options by other members of see if they could give you a break on upgrading to either the 830+ or 1030+ if you were interested.

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thanks for the info!!!
Does any one no the difference on “style 1” and “style 2” of the back cover alternatives in ???
Would be of help, I’m trying to repair another broken tab on edge 530, but prefer to restore it to original, instead on installing a new part over the broken one.