BPM super high at 75w - why?

I am a 47 year old female, been riding a road bike casually for over 15 years. Got a smart trainer about a month ago, and have realized that my heart rate seems super high (160+) even at a low wattage output - 75w. Haven’t taken a ftp test yet, but I’m pretty sure it wont be over 150…heart rate just seems way too high for an easy effort. Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!!!

First, what power and heart rate measurement are you using?

What trainer are you using?

I ask because the accuracy of some devices is not always as good as we might think. That could be skewing the results.

A few possibilities here:

  • It’s not uncommon to see measurement spikes from chest strap HRM’s, especially in the first few minutes of a workout. Basically the problem can be dry skin leading to the strap detect stray static electricity currents through the belt, rather than your genuine HR.
  • Power measurement errors - most common in wheel-on trainers not being properly set up.
  • Both the HR and power measurement are genuine, and you just have a naturally high maxHR, in which case 160bpm may seem high, but is OK as a % of maxHR.
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Using a cycleops m2…using their integrated power meter, and my heart rate is measured using a scosche arm band hr monitor. Thanks so much for your time and expertise!!!

I use a scosche also. I found that placement on my bicep is vastly more accurate than my forearm. For many weeks I wore a Polar chest-strap and the Scosche Rhythm to figure out what placement works best on my body. TBH, my biceps are somewhere between ‘chicken-leg’ and ‘pixie stick’ in appearance. :frowning:

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For the trainer,

  1. Make sure you are the tire inflated to the max pressure possible. It will be printed on the side wall of the tire.
  2. Make sure you have the roller pressure set properly by turning it until it clicks (like a car gas cap). Me sure to only twist, and not apply pressure on top of the knob, or this will change the pressure release point.
  3. Make sure to calibrate the trainer after about 8-10 minutes of warmup.

These steps should ensure that you have the trainer giving good data.