Bottle Cage Adapters

Looking for recommendations for bottle cage adapters to move them around inside my bike frame triangle. Bonus points if it can also hide an Apple AirTag.

The bottle cage mounts aren’t optimal for tall bottles like the Zefals.

I’d like to push the bottle on the down tube up and slide the bottle on the seat tube down, as shown below.

Anyone have experience with something like this?

As cheap as it gets

There are new cages from Topeak that incorporate space for Air Tags. Announced at Eurobike.


Side entry cage on the seat tube is probably the easiest and cleanest. If you need some security in gravel mode you can always put an elastic on it.

I’d drill and rivnut inserts where I needed the cages but I know that isn’t what most would do.

DIY version of what AndersDaag posted would be to find some 1/2- 3/4" wide 1/16" thick aluminum from a home store. For the downtube I would bridge the upper hole on the lower bottle mount to the lower hole on the upper bottle mount. At the lower of those holes you mount the lower hole of the downtube bottle cages, and then mark the piece of aluminum for the proper bottle spacing and drill a hole. Use a button head type screw from the back side with a nut on the cage side. For the downtube you do similar mounting the aluminum to the two bottle cage holes, you can either use the lower screw for the upper bottle cage or place then where you need then. Might need a washer or two between the aluminum and the frame to make room for the button head screws from the back side. I’ve done a version of this to move a bottle forward/back between my aero bars on an old setup.

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I’ve got a couple of these to move my cages down along with side loading cages. Means I can use normal size bottles and have a frame bag.

Downsides of being 170cm on a good day!

I can grab pics if you need.

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Total sidetrack; have you found a good source for Zefal bottles? First time I bought them they were 2 for $18. Last time they were $22 each

I bought mine from Amazon several years ago. Haven’t looked recently.

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I used these on an old bike that had no lugs.

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Thank you for sharing. I’ve been looking for a way to fit bigger bottles on the bike.

Wolf Tooth B-rad will do what you’re looking for. Expensive but very nice quality, I’ve used it on one of my bikes to move a bottle cage down on the seat tube.


Another thumbs up for b-rad.

Also had one of these that I used with moderate success. Although mine was for a normal saddle and not the brooks version.

your seatbag goes through the middle of it and a bottle on each side. Unfortunately I bought direct and the company did a bait and switch and it cost me over $90.00 with shipping and customs.
I used it on one 1650km trip. It worked ok??? But I have never used it since.

I have an eBay special of them, wouldn’t use it for normal day-to-day stuff as my legs brush against bottles when loaded, but when backpacking it def works to reduce the wobble in my tail bag as well as carrying more water (or maybe beer).

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