Bonking for lack of water?

Yesterday I went did a 4.5 hr ride and, forgetting that local parks have all shut off their water fountains, only had the two small bottles that I brought from home. I drank both by the two hour mark because part of my goals for the ride was to be cognizant of eating and drinking more (LOL). I still ate a ton though. I can calculate the exact calories later if anyone really cares.

I never found anywhere to refill. The last hour home was a total slog, full on bonkaroo. I was full from food but extremely thirsty.

Is this still a bonk? Or is there another term for this? Alternatively, in the future, would it be smarter to cut down food consumption when I’m running out of water? As I understand it takes water to process food, so maybe I was doubling my losses by continuing to eat without any drinking.



Haha I mean I guess that’s the obvious answer that I hadn’t thought of.

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Are you still dehydrated? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Lots of factors. The lack of fluid may have led to dehydration, especially if you were sweating at all. Second, the absorption of the food may have been impaired with enough fluid, so that could have contributed to bonk as well.

Other factor is whether you had been doing any other rides of similar length recently. If not, it could also have been some neuromuscular fatigue.

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Yep - you were likely dehydrated. I’ve had a similar experience, particularly when riding in hot weather when it hard to stay on top of hydration.

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